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I love you.

I really do. I love life and love everyone and everything. Even the bad parts. I do not know how to hate even people that wronged me. Is this a flaw or a strength?



You love me.

You love me so much. Because I am loving, giving, funny, sarcastic, loud, beautiful and always searching.

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Message me, call me, let's meet. We will share experiences, ideas, laugh, talk about possibilities and collaborate on the next big thing.



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Fall in Love

Praha, Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic

Available 24/7: {+420 774 925 460}

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My story

How I got to this point is simple: no planning. I live day to day, I live in the moment. All the steps in my life so far have been laid out for me as if in a self-unfolding story. I never questioned the next move, the next experience. I took it all in and fully enjoyed myself along the way.

Suddenly, I am not sure if I am liking where I am and I find myself looking around and feeling left behind, left on the sidelines, wanting to mark my accomplishments in different areas of life than I already have.

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